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By Neil Clark, Dougal Dixon

This consultant covers dinosaurs in encyclopaedic element with a different 32-page part offering 1000s of additional proof.

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Pouch inflated whilst noise was once made 111 O RNITHISCHIAN DINOSAURS 112 Lambeosaurines huge bony head crests have been a dinstinctive characteristic of those hadrosaurs. strong limbs supported a heavy physique, and the downward-curving reduce jaw had a huge, blunt beak. They lived round the comparable time because the hadrosaurines, and their is still were present in North the United States and Asia. vast "duckbill" snout Hypacrosaurus was once 291⁄2 toes (9 m) lengthy countless numbers of tightly packed tooth HYPACROSAURUS cranium hole head crest HYPACROSAURUS the pinnacle crest of Hypacrosaurus was once made from bones that grew up from the nostril. Hadrosaurs most likely used their hole crests to magnify the sound in their calls, even if the crests can also have enhanced their experience of odor. PARASAUROLOPHUS Air traveled in the course of the lengthy crest of Parasaurolophus ahead of getting into the lungs. At one time, scientists wrongly inspiration that Parasaurolophus sometimes sought nutrition underwater, and used its head crest as a snorkel. Parasaurolophus may perhaps stroll on or 4 legs. Tiny crest Bony crest ORNITHOPODS Air in crest used to be used to make loud noises grownup lambeosaurus cranium Juvenile Lambeosaurus cranium diversified CREST SIZES Lambeosaurines of an analogous species can have different-sized crests. Crest dimension is believed to be associated with age and intercourse. those skulls belong to Lambeosaurus. the massive cranium belonged to an grownup, whereas the cranium with a tiny crest most likely belonged to a juvenile. 113 O RNITHISCHIAN DINOSAURS 114 PACHYCEPHALOSAURS THE THICK, DOMED skulls of pachycephalosaurs earned them the identify “bone-headed dinosaurs. ” Rival men used to bash their heads jointly, their brains safe by means of the thick bone. Pachycephalosaurs most likely had a superb feel of odor, which might have allowed them to realize close by predators and break out earlier than the predators acquired too shut. HORN CLUSTER Stygimoloch had a cluster of horns at the back of its dome. however the horns have been most likely only for convey, instead of of sensible use. plenty of NODULES Prenocephale’s head had a well-developed good dome and small nodules at the again of the cranium. PACHYCEPHALOSAUR evidence • The identify pachycephalosaur potential “thick-headed lizard. ” • They ranged in size from three toes (90 cm) to fifteen feet (4. 6 m). • vitamin incorporated culmination, leaves, and bugs. STEGOCERAS Goat-sized Stegoceras was once approximately eight toes (2. four m) lengthy. numerous Stegoceras skulls were stumbled on with domes of assorted thicknesses. The domes of juveniles weren't as thick or excessive as these of adults, particularly males. Knobs on nostril THICK cranium the cast dome of Pachycephalosaurus should be as thick as nine in (23 cm). Small knobs and spikes fringed the dome and embellished the small nostril. HEAD BANGERS Male pachycephalosaurs could have had headbutting bouts whilst struggling with over territory and women, the way in which mountain goats do this day. The identify Stegoceras ability “horny roof. ” Bony tendons held the again vertebrae stiffly jointly. Predators of Stegoceras incorporated Tyrannosaurus rex. STIFF again Stegoceras, like any pachycephalosaurs, used to be bipedal, however it was once not likely to were quickly on its toes.

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